BEAM Resources
Links to a variety of material for further reading

Your first stop ought to be the BEAM mailing list: You can go to the site to read list postings, or sign up for email delivery of them.

There's also an alt-beam mailing list (this one holds the archive of long-ago BEAM conversations). You should look here if you want to research any topic (to see what's already been discussed). Just go here:

Meanwhile, the really old stuff (well, OK, going back to 1996) is archived here.

There are also a number of "alternate" BEAM groups you might want to check out (not a lot of discussion going on, they're sort of where argument-starting topics go to cool off):




There's also some discussion on the Yahoo BEAM Club site; primarily, though, this area seems to be used for chats, and posting pictures of folks' bots (still, both worthwhile ventures).

You can search a number of BEAM-related web sites via the BEAM Robotics Search Engine.


There is a plethora of great material created by the immortal Wilf Rigter. The BEAM Heretics used to have an archive of his material (off-line for the time being), but Chiu-Yuan Fang has another here. This material is a gold mine of circuit designs, and electronics knowledge.

The BEAM Reference Library devotes space to various BEAM links, books of interest, and some on-line Adobe Acrobat (pdf) reading material.

There are also a number of BEAMers with ICQ numbers -- you can drop any of us a line, thanks to Ben Hitchcock's ICQ page here.

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